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Wifi communication solutions in hazardous area: MX934-1D Maxon Ex d IIC T6 Gb/Ex tD A21 IP68 T80℃ Explosion-Proof 4G 5G Router & Heavy Duty Antenna

Explosion-proof is required in hazardous areas such as combustible or flammable gases, vapours, dust, fibres and flyings.

In specific cases:
gas stations, flour factories, oil factories, and underground pipelines.....



  • Explosion-proof grade: Ex d IIC T6 Gb/Ex tD A21 IP68 T80℃
  • Intelligent anti-offline, support online detection, online maintenance, and automatic offline redial to ensure that the device is long-term online
  • Support network link backup, seamlessly switch to wireless network when wired disconnection, and can automatically detect wired recovery
  • Cloud remote platform management, remote upgrade and remote configuration
  • Support VPN security tunnel function, including PPTP, L2TP
  • Support 2.4G wireless client, wireless AP function [optional]
  • Complete and robust router functions, support multiple Internet access methods: dynamic IP, static IP, PPPoE
  • Support IPTABLES firewall, secure network protocol
  • Support dynamic DDNS: support dyndns and various other domain name service providers
  • Easy-to-use CONSOLE and SYSLOG system diagnostics and debugging functions
  • Support serial port local TFTP, web software upgrade
  • Industrial-grade power supply: wide-voltage power supply design, power supply adaptability range is DC6-36V /3A optional, built-in power reverse protection
  • Professional-grade MIPS_880Mhz dual-core high-performance embedded processing; with 32 KB D-Cache, cache data, speed up high-speed data access; with 64 KB I-Cache, high-speed instruction cache, enhanced instruction processing speed
  • Industrial-grade wireless CPE: using industrial-grade wireless modules, strong anti-interference, stable transmission
  • Produced with strictly screened industrial-grade components
  • UIM/SIM card ESD protection: 8V/3V Pushrod Styles user card connector, built-in 15KV ESD protect
  • Independent hardware watchdog, effectively guarantee the stable operation of the system

MX934-1D Explosion-Proof 4G 5G Router uses industrial-grade materials, design and technology to ensure stable communication under extreme conditions and strong interference conditions.
It is an IoT gateway device that supports multiple Internet access (Ethernet/WIFI client/4G/5G/NBIoT), and multiple local data access (5G/1000M Ethernet) full-stack smart protocols.
The device is manufactured with WAN communication, VPN tunnel, WIFI LAN and other functions to provide customers with open source codes for various device adaptations to achieve a seamless connection between wireless LAN, Ethernet, intelligent hardware and wireless WAN, for intelligent manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, transportation, electric power and other industries to provide professional wireless communication.
The MX934-1D explosion-proof router uses the high-performance industrial-grade MIPS communication processor and an embedded operating system as a software support platform. The system integrates a full range of communication protocols from the logical link layer to the application layer, and supports VPN (PPTP, L2TP), IPTABLE firewall, static and dynamic routing, PPPOE, DHCP Server and DHCP Client, DMZ host, WEB configuration, support APN/VPDN, etc. Support power-on automatic dialing, automatic maintenance of communication links, and hardware-level watchdog WDT protection to ensure that the device is long-term online.